2000kg Heavy Duty Electric Lithium Power Pallet Jack

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2000kg Heavy Duty Electric Lithium Power Pallet Jack


The new model of electric pallet truck combines the advantages of manual and electric pallet trucks being the perfect electrical product for light and medium-duty material transportation in a most effortless and economical way.

Ergonomic & Smart Tiller Design

  • Comfortable soft grips for comfort daily operation.
  • The tiller is supported by the air spring and the tiller returns to its vertical position smoothly.
  • All buttons are big and can be easily reached by operators even in case of working in gloves.
  • Integrated PIN code panel with LCD display for smart control and operation.
  • Speed reduction at different angles as well as the function of active tiller in its up-right position.
  • The function of driving with the tiller in the vertical position helps with work in confined areas, especially in elevators and lorries without sacrificing of safety.

Smart Lithium Battery

  • The Edge is equipped with a maintenance-free Lithium battery with optional different capacities for various applications.
  • with its fast charging and opportunity charging features the Edge works as easy as a hand pallet truck without special attention to the maintenance as other electric pallet trucks.
  • The integrated BMS (Battery Management System) controls all important parameters and performance of lithium battery.
  • Socket on the battery case for easy battery charging without the necessity to take the battery out.
  • Fast and opportunity charging during brakes in operations increases working time.

Maintenance Friendly

  • Convenient and fast access to any component of the truck, no elements are located in areas difficult to reach. No special tools are required.
  • There are no hoses or pipes used in the hydraulic lifting circuit which significantly improves reliability and reduces the number of potential problems related to leakages through connectors or their seals.
  • The truck is equipped with Curtis controller and CAN-bus technology makes the diagnostic and troubleshooting easier.

Robust Smart Design of Chassis

  • The frame of the truck is surrounded by stamped steel elements making the truck looking different and also ensuring the protection of components.
  • Forks of the truck with shape for easy entrance and exit from pallets.
  • Full length double-sided C-shape reinforcements of forks significantly increase strength and rigidity of frame.
  • Strong steel apron protects the operators' feet during work and secures the trucks components from collisions with objects.

Data Sheet:-

Capacity 2000kg
Lift Height 115mm
Minimum Height 80mm
Fork Length 1150mm
Overall length 1536mm
Fork Overall Width 685mm
Lifting speed  full load / no load 17/22mm/s
Lowering speed  full load / no load 50/30mm/s
Gradeability full load / no load 7/16%
Battery 48V/20Ah
Lifting motor 0.8kW
Weight 149kg
Warranty 1 year