Heavy Duty One Piece Container Ramp Capacity 8.0 Tonne

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Heavy Duty One Piece Container Ramp Capacity 8.0 Tonne 


These forklift ramps are perfect for the forklift to drive into the container, to load or unload items from the container.

Drive your forklift straight into any shipping container! Featuring side protection rails prevent accidental falls. Chain to secure your ramp to the container stops unwanted movement. Multiple lifting points for ease of placement.

container access ramp is a great economical option, this container ramp is very easy to move and place at the container entrance, being fitted with flip up fork stirrups for the forklift tines to fit into.

This is a one piece unit with forklift slots at both the side and front for easy transport.

Data Sheet:-

  • Capacity: 8000kgs
  • Finish: Painted yellow
  • Width: 2200mm
  • Height: 160mm
  • Length: 1720mm
  • Fork Pocket Size (side): 80x165mm
  • Unit Weight: 270kgs