2.5Ton Scale Manual Pallet Jack Truck

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2.5Ton Scale Manual Pallet Jack Truck 

Description :-

This pallet jack is great alternative for users who need pallet weights for transportation.An ideal solution for carrying and transporting goods. It is very reliable in providing accurate measurement in your pallet weight.

Features :-

Up to 2.5Ton Capacity, 0.5kg increment measure
Suitable for use with open pallets, plastic, skid or custom pallets (must be one faced)
Excellent economic solution for weighing requirements in a warehouse
Allows you to weigh cargo when you want and where you want
Wheels – Polyurethane for none marking, smooth drive and anti slip – Dual front


Fork Length: 1150mm , Forks outer width: 685mm
Clearance between forks: 320mm
Min/Max Fork Height: 85mm / 190mm
Overall Dimensions – Weight 112kg – 155(L) x 68.5(W) x 122(H) cm
Shipping Dimensions – Weight 135kg – Skid – 155 x 100 x 85 cm