Spill Polyethylene Pedestrian Ramp

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Spill Polyethylene Pedestrian Ramp


Convenient anti slip ramp that allows operators to safely and easily access gutters and small steps.This portable ramp can also be used by furniture removalists or on a construction or mine site.

The robust ramp is ideal around exhibition areas, outside public buildings, hospitals and aged-care facilities.

  • Pedestrian ramp is ideal for use with wheeled trollies or to prevent a trip hazard for foot traffic on elevated areas such as street kerbs.
  • Designed with anti-slip, durable and UV-resistant polyethylene materials.
  • At 122cm wide, most wheel-based trolleys can be easily manoeuvred over the ramp and pedestrians can pass easily without any bottle-necking.
  • Pedestrian ramp can be installed on any kind of kerb, regardless of height or thickness.
  • All-polyethylene construction provides superior corrosion resistance to a wide range of chemicals and harsh environments.
  • Ramp features grip handle inserts to allow easy transportation
  • A built in internal channel covers and protects cords and water pipes that may run alongside a kerb.
  • Pedestrian ramp is manufactured in safety orange for easy visibility.

Data Sheet:-

Orange Polyethylene Pedestrian Ramp 1220 x 750 x 110mm