1000kg Full Auto Electric Pallet Fork Stacker 2.0m Lift

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1000kg Full Auto Electric Pallet Fork Stacker 2.0m Lift


with capacities of 1,000Kg these stackers offers an attractive appearance, convenient operation and features. With a lifting capacity of 1000kg.The side-driven design effectively reduces the size of the operation channel. With a small turning radius and better view, this stacker is suitable for narrow spaces.This unit legs will not get inside closed pallets and will not go over the timber under pallet.
It saves immensely on power consumption. We are highly appreciated by our clients for its reliability and safe operation. User friendly controls and saves more of your time. Lifting and moving pallets, even in tight spaces made possible by the help of this top-notch stacker lifter.
  • Thought it is economical power stacker, it is still equipped with high-power and high- performance lifting pump station, which ensures the goods lifting.
  • The turtle speed switch on the handle makes low-speed control more precise.
  • Germany imported waterproof micro-switches are applied in the cold, damp, dusty and other harsh environments.YONGCI motor drive system is with small size, light weight, low loss and high efficiency.
  • This model is used for open pallet, NOT for Australia standard pallet (CHEP). 

Data Sheet:-

  • Loading Capacity: 1000kg
  • Load Capacity on Max Height: 700kg
  • Lifting height: 2000mm
  • Turning Radius : 1336mm
  • Load Center Distance: 600mm
  • Fork Length 1150mm
  • Fork Outside Width: 570/695mm
  • Single Fork Width: 160mm
  • Min Fork height: 86mm
  • Support Leg Length: 928mm
  • Support Leg Height: 75mm
  • Single Support Leg Width: 124mm
  • Support Leg Inside Width: 410mm
  • Support Leg Outside Width: 660mm
  • Overall Length:1755mm
  • Overall Width: 795mm
  • Lowered Mast Height: 1494mm
  • Extended Mast Height: 2424mm
  • Lifting Motor: 2.2kw
  • Driving Motor: 0.75kw
  • Battery Voltage: 2x12V/100Ah
  • Charger: 24V/10A
  • Unit Weight: 441kg
  • Warranty:  1Year