Electric Double Scissor Lift Table 500kg

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Electric Double Scissor Lift Table 500kg 


Electric Scissor Lift  electric powered, scissor lift Table Trolley Push button control without any hydraulics or pumping. The ISFD50 scissor lift table has a lifting capacity of 500kg and a maximum lifting height of 1618mm

The heavy duty battery is sealed and maintenance free and comes with a battery charger.Hand operated descend control, electric power lift.

Heavy duty powder coated steel construction  with heavy duty wheels, 2 are braked.Use in Libraries, Schools, Offices, Hospitals, Laundries, Money Handling

Ideal for supermarkets, clinics, aged care centres.

  • Powered lifter greatly reduces worker injuries and increases productivity
  • Operates at the press of a button
  • Quick, easy and quiet
  • No hydraulics, so can be used in clean areas 
  • Suitable for the office, health care or factory
  • Has 500 kg capacity
  • The batteries have a high duty cycle and can be recharged overnight
    with wall mounted charger
  • The battery will power approximately 150 lifts, depending on how the trolley is used
  • Battery & Charger included
  • Easy to manoeuvre

Data Sheet:- 

Platform Size 520x1010mm

Min Height 495mm

Max Height 1618mm

Load Capacity 500kg

Unit Weight 198Kg

Warranty: 1Year