Fully Powered Electric Lift and Drive Trolley 400Kg

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Fully Powered Electric Lift and Drive Trolley 400Kg 


Single Handle - Large Deck Size

Fully electric lift and drive, double scissor trolley,It is designed to meet the highest demanding applications industries have to offer.

The UltiMate features both a powered lift and powered drive system, removing the need for manual pushing or lifting and with the central drive wheels it’s ideal in confined spaces. With a lift height of 1600mm it is ideal in many applications, to safely manoeuvre loads to various work heights. Central drive for confided spaces and lift height of 1600mm. Used to transport heavy loads and lift the load to height. Example lifting boxes to the height of pallet racking

Premium Quality Trolley made for Moderate to High Level Use.Industrial quality trolley used across many industries.12 Month Back to Base Warranty across all our stores Australia Wide.

  • Flat deck Electric Drive
  • Powerful 400W motor
  • Double Scissor Lift action for extra lift height
  • Single Handle - Large Deck Size
  • 10' front wheel and back Rear Caster with brake
  • With the electromagnetism cross valve
  • Both Lift and Move by Charge

Data Sheet:-

Capacity : 400Kg

Dimensions : 1340 x 600 x 1100 (mm)

Deck Sizes : 1100 x 600 (mm)

Motor (lifting / Driving) (w) : 800W / 400W

Battery : 2 x 12V/33Ah

Table Height Range : 460 - 1600 (mm)

Weight : 234Kg

Lifting time (s) : 17

Controller (A) : 70

Charger time (H) :  8.5

Pump max pressure (Mpa) : 20

Max working temperature (°C) : ≤80

Max forward/backward speed (km/h): 5~8

Max Climbing capability (°) : 6

Working noise (DB) : 40~50

Warranty : 1Year