1300Kg Full Electric Adjustable Straddle Platform Stacker 4000mm Lift Height

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1300Kg Full Electric Adjustable Straddle Platform Stacker 4000mm Lift Height



It can enter load units from underneath to lift loads and has forged forks that users can lower to the floor and laterally offset support arms. The electric stacker  offers an attractive appearance, convenient operation, and features.

Operators can control all the aspects all of the time, including smoothly putting loads on the floor, quickly lifting and lowering loads and approaching rack positions accurately. 

This series offers an attractive appearance, convenient operation, and features Operation Type: Walkie stacker ,Mast Type: Duplex Mast (2 Stage),Load Capacity on Max Height: 300 KG, Load Centre: 600 mm

Similar to a counterbalance truck, it can raise loads like closed pallets crosswise. It operates smoothly and quietly when lifting and lowering loads due to its electronically-controlled, powerful lift motor .Electric Stacker with Powered Lift will raise and lower loads quickly and easily. These Stacker are made using high quality material and parts and is easily maneuverable using the integral push/pull/steering handles.


 Walk behind operate no licence required

Straddle leg design ideal for lifting enclosed pallet

Can be used for both open pallet and for Australia standard closed pallet (CHEP)

Control panel: Red Stop Bottom, Key Switch and Battery Indicator on the Right .

The In-built charger in the middle The in-built charger is single phrase (wall plug) can be easily charged

The side-driven design effectively reduces the size of the operation channel.

With a small turning radius, this stacker is suitable for narrow spaces.

Intelligent control and drive technology, flexible and safe operating Adjustable fork width Easy service and maintenance

The steering wheel seat in the middle.

Adjustable driving speed switch.

The turtle speed switch on the handle makes low-speed control more precise.

Germany imported waterproof micro-switches are applied in the cold, damp, dusty and other harsh environments.

YONGCI motor drive system is with small size, light weight, low loss and high efficiency.


Capacity: 1300 kg
Load Capacity on Max Height: 300 kg
Lift Height: 4000 mm
Turning radius: 1380mm
Load Center Distance: 600 mm
Fork Length: 1150 mm
Fork Outside Width: 210-850 mm
Single Fork Width: 100 mm
Min Fork Height: 65 mm
Support Leg Length: 1057 mm
Single Leg Width(Including front wheel frame): 100 mm
Inside Width of two fixed legs: 924-1324 mm
Outside Width of adjustable legs: 1124-1524 mm
Overall Length: 1825 mm
Overall Width: 1124-1524 mm
Lowered Mast Height: 2245 mm
Extended Mast Height: 3952 mm
Lifting speed: 136 mm/s
Driving speed: 4.2 km/h
Battery Voltage: 2x12V/100Ah
Charger: 10A
Unit Weight: 639 kg
Drive motor: 0.75 KW
Lift motor: 2.2kW
Battery dimensions :- 2x(260x168x215(mm))
Battery weight:- 2x27(kg)
The controller :1212P
Lowered speed:98mm/s
Aisle width of pallets (1200x1200 crossway):-2365mm
front wheel size, number: 80x60 mm
Rear wheel size, number: 210x70 mm