2 Ton Weigh Beam Scales for Freight Floor Pallet or Livestock 600mm

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2 Ton Weigh Beam Scales for Freight Floor Pallet or Livestock 600mm


2 Ton Weigh Beam Floor Scales

Weigh beams are a light weight fully portable floor scale, ideal for applications where you need high capacity weighing but have limited floor space. Weigh beams are perfect for weighing large bulky items ideally suited to warehouse distribution, stores, drop shippers, freight forwarders and anyone who ships a lot of large bulky items.

Easily set up, the two beams are simply placed on the floor and connected to the weight indicator, anywhere you need them, to create a fully functional floor scale system.

Weigh beams are particularly suited for use with pallet trucks or forklift trucks. 

The 2 independent beams can be easily adjusted to accommodate any width of pallet or truck and when finished, can be moved out of the way to maximise space.

Livestock Scales:-

 Weigh Beams can be easily and simply used for Livestock weighing operations, simply set up the weigh beams under a crush or pen to weigh Sheep, Cattle, Goats, or Pigs.

Data Sheet:-

  • Large readout LCD display 120 mm x 25 mm
  • 600 mm length steel beams with adjustable levelling legs
  • Factory pre-calibrated.
  • Measures in 1kg increments
  • 240v operation with 6v battery backup 
  • Display unit is connected by cable and can be mounted up to 6 metres from beams.
  • Features - tare, hold and accumulate functions.
  • Warranty: 1Year