5 Ton Industrial Scales Freight Floor Pallet Drum 1.2m x 1.2m

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5 Ton Industrial Scales Freight Floor Pallet Drum 1.2m x 1.2m


This 5 Ton floor scale is perfect for weighing large bulky items ideally suited to warehouse distribution, stores, drop shippers, freight forwarders and anyone who ships a lot of large bulky items.

Data Sheet:-

  • 5000 Kg Capacity - 0.5 Kg Increments
  • Large LCD Display
  • 120 cm x 120cm Steel Checker Plate Platform
  • Brand New in Box
  • This unit is suitable for weighing large bulky items including pallets, drums & wool bales, livestock etc
  • Adjustable legs to ensure accuracy on uneven surfaces
  • AC / DC Power Supply
  • 240 Volt Plug with 12 Hour battery back up
  • TARE - HOLD - ACCUMULATE Functions

A 3 Meter lead from the platform base to the weight display box enables the display box to be placed away clear from the platform for easy clear visibility of the displayed weight reading


The floor scale has an internal mechanism that determines the weight of any object placed on it, digitally displaying the weight. The platform of the scale has a rough surface, and the feet on the scale are adjustable to suit specific needs. Since the scale is low profile, it will not obstruct the workplace, and the display allows hold, tare, and print functions.