Fully Electric Powered Flatbed Trolley Cart 500Kg

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Fully Electric Powered Flatbed Trolley Cart 500Kg


High Quality Fully powered flatbed trolley 

Designed to meet the highest demanding applications industries have to offer.Premium Quality Trolley made for Moderate to High Level Use. industrial quality trolley used across many industries.

Electric Platform is a battery driven trolley fitted with a universal built in charger and variable speed control adding to its features.

  • Ultimate Design.Curtis/USA control.Top quality workmanship and quality
  • No emissions so can be used safely in confined spacesKey start to prevent untrained use of the unit.Power driven trolley makes for easy use.
  • Prevents the need for pushing and pulling.Reduces back injuries, trolley has easily removed sides to hold bulky loads and provides easy access when unloading .Automatic park brake keeps trolley stationary even on ramps
  • Can be used in tight spaces, dual paddle controls can be used with either left or right hand
  • Four wheel designs keeps trolley stable .Flat deck electric drive.Single Handle and Large Deck Size
  • It has switch that turns off the electrics effectively allowing the trolley to act as a standard manual trolley.Fully electric forward and reverse function.Platform has an anti-slip grip so that items don't slide off easily in transit.
  • Rubber bumper edge.Emergency stop button.Throttle based variable speed.Dual braking system.Key operated start.Reverse audio alarm
  • Rear locking castor wheel.Anti slip platform.Speed Governor to limit maximum speed for safety.Automatic park brake for safety when stationary
  • Powerful 400W motor.Transaxle drive.Max incline is 8 degrees.No licence required.On board charger
  • Warranty:-1year


Capacity (kg) :500

Dimensions (LxWxH)(mm) : 1455 x 630 x 1080 

Deck Size (LxW)(mm) :1280 x 630

Motor (w) : 400

Battery : 2 x 12V/33Ah

Platform height(mm): 320

Moving Speed (km/h) : 3-8

Handle Height (mm) :1080

Cage Depth (mm) :600

Weight (kg) :98