1T High Lift Manual Pallet Jack Truck 680mm & 520mm wide

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1T High Lift Pallet Jack Truck 680mm &  520mm wide 

Warranty:- 1Year


 With a huge capacity of 1000kg and a list of features below, it is the best choice for your pallet handling.High Lift Pallet Truck or Pallet Lifter has a scissor lift style lifting mechanism that enables it to lift skids to working height or close to workbench level.

These units are very popular in warehouses and factories and have different width options to suit different skid sizes including Euro Skids or Pallets.

This Pallet jack combination of pallet jack and lifting table is an innovative equipment for moving and lifting items around your warehouse. Improve safety while working and reduce fatigue.


This scissor lift model offers productivity-enhancing options; they can be used as hand pallet trucks, as storage tables or as workbenches.

Max lift height 800mm, which saves the operator unnecessary bending and heavy lifting and increases efficiency in repetitive handling operations.

*Please note: the high lift pallet truck will not moveable when lifting to a certain height. (the two iron bars near the back wheels will against the floor when lifting to a certain height)


Model HLTN10
Capacity (kg) 1000
Fork height range (mm) 85-800
Steering wheel (mm) 150 x 40
Length of fork (mm) 1140
Width overall forks (mm) 520 or 680
Weight(kg) 82
Fork rollers (mm) ø80x50
Big wheel (mm) ø180x50
Inner distance b/w two forks 200mm
Single fork width (mm) 160