3000KG Hand Manual Pallet Jack Truck Fork Width 685MM

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3000KG Hand Pallet Jack Truck Fork Width 685MM



Hand pallet jacks are more durable when it has high quality iron plate and tube used to easy for work ,They are best suited to common warehouse applications, where loads are being transported across standard concrete or hard floors on a daily basis.

Frequency heavy lifting and carrying items from place to place is one good reason that you must have suitable material handling equipment for your day-to-day tasks. It is helping you with carrying heavy items, increases work productivity and saves more time. This standard width of 685mm is suitable for lift standard open pallet.

3000kg Capacity, fork width - 685mm Easy to operate Safe, reliable, sustainable and low maintenance

 -It is helping you with carrying heavy items, increase work productivity and save more time

-Each unit come equipped with an integrated hydraulic pump, whilst entry and exit rollers provide smooth pallet access and increased productivity.Double Front Wheels and all polyurethane wheels

-3 Position Control Lever: Lift, Neutral, Lower
-Pallet Entry Guide Wheels: Allows easy entry into any type of pallet
-Fully Cast Pump
-Powdercoated structural heavy duty steel construction
-Stepless rate of lowering remains irrespective of the load

-Unit handles have been ergonomically designed and built for comfortable operation.
-Comes with a Certified in-built hydraulic pump
-Robust 3mm steel frames with reinforced forks ensuring efficient reliability.

-Fitted with entry and exit rollers allowing smooth pallet .


Model PQ30
Capacity (kg) 3000
Service weight (kg)
Fork width(mm) 685
Length of fork (mm) 1140
Min-max fork height (mm)
Cylinder type AC
Steering Wheels (mm) 180X50
Carrying Wheels  80X93
Single fork width (mm) 160
inner distance b/w two forks(mm) 365