Manual Double Scissor Lift Table Lifting Capacity 350kg

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Manual Double Scissor Lift Table Lifting Capacity 350kg 


This mobile double scissor lift table has such uses as assembly lines and moving computer servers. Table trucks have a multitude of applications in many areas of industry.

It features a 350kg lift capacity, whilst maintaining a lift height of up to 1.3 metres. There is a foot operated hydraulic lift for raising the table top to the desired height, whilst descent is controlled with a hand operated trigger.

With a 350kg capacity, a 1.3m lift height and a table top of 910x500m, this is our most popular lift table.

  • Double scissor.
  • This manual table scissor lifter is easy to lift by the foot pedal.
  • Double scissor enables lifting higher to 1300 mm.
  • Brakes on back swivel wheels

Data Sheet:-

Capacity: 350kg

Table height range: 355mm – 1300mm

Table dimensions: 910x 500 x 53mm

Wheel diameter: 125 x 40mm

Handle height from ground: 975mm

Foot pump to max height: less than 53 times

Unit weight: 136kg

For more parameter details, please Click upon [Download pdf]