Multi Purpose Material Lifter Trolley Capacity 180kg

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180kg Multi Purpose Material Lifter Trolley


Multi purpose material lifter with compact design to cater carrying and transporting heavy items more convenient. This unit can lift up to 180kg, easy to use and can save more time and energy.

  • A variety of accessories for increased ease of installation of air- conditioners, garage doors, retractable awnings, electric heaters and more!
  • One person easily transportable due to its compact design.
  • 90-degree swing to allow slim, easy access through doorways.
  • 250mm rear wheels for a smooth ride over rough ground.
  • Adjustable wheelbase from 77cm to 105cm, and locking casters for increased stability.

Data Sheet of BD1:-

  • Loading Capacity: 180kg
  • Lifting Height: 303cm
  • Basic Height: 117cm
  • Dimension-Stow: 78 x 47 x 117 cm
  • Unit Weight: 53kg

Data Sheet of BD2:-

  • Loading Capacity: 180kg
  • Lifting Height: 374cm
  • Basic Height: 117cm
  • Dimension-Stow: 80 x 55 x 117 cm
  • Unit Weight: 64.3kg


    Material Lifter Trolley 180kg Accessories:-

    • Fork Set: $450
    • Cradle: $450
    • Jib Set: $350

    Click Here For 180kg Material Lifter Trolley Data sheet