Heavy Duty Forklift Extensions Slippers 2440mm

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Heavy Duty Forklift Extensions Slippers 2440mm 


  • Attachments and Load Capacity:
  • If an attachment is fitted to the forklift then there is the potential that the dynamic and operating characteristics of the forklift will change.
  • Ensure you have access to information regarding the de-rated capacity of the forklift when an attachment is fitted.
  • Contact your forklift manufacturer or dealer for an updated rating plate to suit your model and attachment.
  • Welded Steel Construction.
  • Fits onto forks up to 50mm thick.
  • Steel Retaining strap prevents for extensions from sliding off forks during use.
  • Specials made to order to suit most forklifts.
  • It is required that extensions do not exceed the length of forks on which they are installed by more than 50%.

    Data Sheet:-


    Model 6XX15
    Extended Length 2440mm
    Minimum Fork Length 1630mm
    Maximum Width 127mm
    Weight - Pair 73kg
    Warranty 1 year