1500KG Heavy Duty Manual Standard Leg Pallet Stacker Lift 1.6M High

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1500KG Heavy Duty Manual Standard Leg Pallet Stacker Lift 1.6M High


manual Stacker, Load capacity 1500kg, Max. Height 1600mm, Adjustable fork 300-740mm. Fork length 1150mm, Each stacker with inner hex.

Manual hand pallet stacker 1500kg capacity and 1600mm lift height.It has a robust steel profile construction, with hand and foot operating levers.

It has been precision engineered for smooth operation and performance and offers an economical lifting solution for pallets, skids and dies.The forklift will reduce the lift speed when lift to a high position. High strength overhead guard to protect the operator.

This manual forklift is a powerful manual stacker which can improve workplace efficiency and also is a good choice as the manual stacker solution to help the workers transport heavy materials easily and safely. The manual forklift has high quality and trusted after-sales services. This model is used for open pallet, NOT for Australia standard pallet (CHEP).
Capacity: 1000 kg
Fork Width: 740mm

Fork Length: 1150 mm

Both small and compact, this makes the stacker truck ideal for operating in small areas. 

  • Suitable only for open based pallets
  • Large 1500kg capacity
  • Manual Push
  • Totally sealed hydraulic pump with a slow lowering hand control valve 
  • Not suitable for fully enclosed pallet
  • Wheel Locking Brake
  • Precision hydraulic
  • Foot or hand operated pump

    Data Sheet:-

    Load Capacity (kg) 1500
    Load Center (mm) 500
    Max. Lifting Height (mm)  1600
    Lowered Mast Height (mm)   2080
    Overall Height  (mm)   2080
    Overall Length (mm) 1280
    Fork Lowered Height (mm) 90
    Fork Size (mm)  60*142*1150
    Ground Clearance (mm) 25
    Turning Radius (mm) 1200
    Net Weight (kg) 270±60


    For more parameter details, please Click upon [Download pdf]