1T Heavy Duty Manual Standard Leg Fork Stacker lifter 2500mm

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1T Heavy Duty Manual Standard Leg Fork Stacker lifter 2500mm


Manual Stacker, Load capacity 1000kg, Max. Height 2500mm, Adjustable fork 300-740mm. Fork length 1150mm, Each stacker with inner hex.

This manual forklift is a powerful manual stacker which can improve workplace efficiency and also is a good choice as the manual stacker solution to help the workers transport heavy materials easily and safely. The manual forklift has high quality and trusted after-sales services. This model is used for open pallet, NOT for Australia standard pallet (CHEP).
Capacity: 1000 kg
Fork Width: 740mm

Fork Length: 1150 mm

Suitable for lifting open pallets/skids, equipment, boxes, machinery, safes, etc. Double action lift either hand pump or foot pedal pump operation and manual push and pull.

1000kg capacity with Robust construction

  • These manual fork stackers are heavy duty construction
  • Standard leg model for ruse on open Euro pallet and small skids
  • Walk behind manual push to moving around
  • Manual hydraulic lift via pallet truck style handle or foot pedal.
  • Not suitable for closed pallet.
  • Large 1000kg capacity with a 2.5m lift height
  • Manual Push
  • Precision hydraulic
  • Foot or hand operated pump
  •  Data Sheet:-

    • Loading Capacity: 1000kg
    • Lifting Height: 2500mm
    • Fork Length: 1150mm
    • Adjustable Fork Width: 300-740mm
    • Single Fork Width: 150mm
    • Min Fork Height: 85mm
    • Overall Length: 1650mm
    • Overall Width: 770mm
    • Overall Height: 1830mm
    • Fixed Leg Length: 900mm
    • Fixed Leg Outside Width: 685mm
    • Fixed Leg Inside Width: 490mm
    • Pump Times to Max Height: 210times
    • Unit Weight: 300kg
    • Warranty: 1Year
    For more parameter details, please Click upon [Download pdf]