50Kg Manual Wheelie Bin Lifter

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50Kg Manual Wheelie Bin Lifter

Designed and built in Australia


A lift-and-tilt crank handle operated unit for lifting and tipping wheelie bins into skip bins.Suitable for schools, factories, retail outlets and offices.

The lifter 50 is a manual crank handle operated unit that allows the wheelie bin to be lifted and tipped into the dumpster bin. It has a capacity of 50kg, and is recommended for light duty applications where only several lifts per day are required.

Designed and built in Australia using only the highest of quality components, the lifter 50 is also fitted with castors for ease of mobility, and is powder coat finished for added weather protection eliminating all lifting from the process of emptying wheelie bins into skip bins, the bin is lifted by simply manually rotating the crank handle―protecting the user from costly back injuries associated with lifting heavy loads above shoulder height.

Warranty:- 1Year

Features at a glance

Lift and tilt

Highest tip point: 2800 mm

Lifting capacity of 50 kg

Suitable for six lifts per person, per day.

Safety panels.



-The lifter 50 is the ideal unit for anybody who has to lift light weights infrequently.

-Designed to lift up to 50kg at a time, the lifter is perfect for schools, small offices and local councils that dispose of paper waste and are required to empty the wheelie bin once or twice a day.

-The lifter eliminates all lifting from the process of emptying wheelie bins into larger dumper bins. The bin is lifted by simply manually rotating the crank handle. The user is protected against costly back injuries

Data Sheet:-



Lifting capacity

50 kg

Lifting mechanism


Recommended lifts (per person per day)


Bin compatibility

Wheelie bin: 80, 120, 140 and 240 litre 
(Wheelie bins must have protruding wheels).

Skip bin: Up to 1500 mm


Method: Manual winding crank-handle.

Time: 45 seconds.

Fits through internal doorways


Highest tip point

2800 mm

Country of origin

Designed and manufactured in Australia.

Safety features

  • Safety cage panels to protect operators and bystanders.

  • The winding motion of the crank handle operation ensures gradual controlled bin lifting.

  • Braking castors for stability.


  • Comprehensive 12-month warranty.

Dimensions (L/W/H)

1200/800/2000 mm