1000Kg Electric Straddle Leg Fork Pallet Stacker 2900mm Lift

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1000Kg Electric Straddle Leg Fork Pallet Stacker 2900mm Lift 


Electric Stacker with Powered Lift will raise and lower loads quickly and easily. With imported AC motor without carbon brush, dust-proof, damp proofing, long working life, lower use-cost, controlled voltage/frequency. Waterproof and dust-proof design for all circuits to avoid the short circuiting happened.

To use intelligent charger, auto analysis the residual energy and optimising the charging process, without manual operation and extend the battery working life effectively. High Speed Limited. The forklift will reduce the lift speed when lift to a higher position. High strength overhead guard to protect the operator.

  • Huge 2840mm maximum lift height
  • Adjustable Fork Width
  • Straddle leg design suitable for two faces or low pallet.
  • The steering wheel seat in the middle. 
  • Build-in charger, it’s more convenient.
  • Turtle speed switch on the handle makes low-speed control more precise
  • Straddle leg design ideal for lifting enclosed pallet
  • Intelligent control and drive technology, flexible and safe operating
  • Adjustable fork width
  • Easy service and maintenance 

Data Sheet:-

Model IS1029M
Capacity 1000kg
Leg Overall Width 1400mm
Fork Length 1150mm
Mast Height Min 1940mm
Free Lift Height 70mm
Lifting Height 2840mm
Extended Mast Height 3420mm
Turning Radius 1485mm
Service Weight 756kg
Warranty 1 year