15T Rated Roller Load Skates

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15T Rated Heavy Duty Roller Load Skates  


  • Ideal for linear motion, repetitive movement or use as a built in component in equipment
  • Fixed hole pattern for bolt mounting
  • The rollers can be used in up down or sideways position


 Load Capacity
Hole Centres A
Hole Centres B
Overall Size (LxWxH)
Unit Weight
TR-750 750kg 64mm 140mm 165x178x80mm 5kg
TR-2500 2500kg 64mm 140mm 165x180x90mm 10kg
TR-5000 5000kg 83mm 171mm 203x203x80mm 15kg
TR-1500 15,000kg 94mm 216mm 270x254x100mm 21kg