250kg Heavy Duty Powered Wheelie Bin Tipper, Universal Bin Lifter

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250kg Heavy Duty Powered Wheelie Bin Tipper, Universal Bin Lifter



Our Heavy Duty Wheelie Bin Tipper is an extremely robustly designed lifting machine. Boasting a lifting capacity of up to 250kg, this device is ideal for facilities where 100 lifts are being conducted per person, per day.

An incredibly durable bin tipper, it features push button control and safety cage panels. This ensures the unit securely lifts and empties wheelie bins (of 80, 120, 140 and 240 litres) and user safety is prominent. The Heavy Duty Wheelie Bin Tipper (also known as the Universal Bin Lifter) is the model for you for effective waste management.


Additional Information

 A lift-and-tilt system that maximises safety!


The Heavy Duty Wheelie Bin Tipper is ideal for moving and lifting heavy bins that require frequent emptying. It’s suitable for a range of applications and has been utilised in a many workplaces, including supermarkets, retail outlets, schools, construction sites, apartment blocks, event planning projects and waste disposal/management companies.

How does it work?

The unit is controlled by push buttons to eliminate all manual handling operations. When activated, the bin tipper springs in to action to lift and empty the bin in a 40 second cycle. Its interlocked safety cage and door, removes all possible hand/foot crush points. This guarding guarantees extra protection for users and bystanders. The bin tipper functions on a battery (making the unit completely portable) with a charger. It also can run permanently on mains power, while the battery is charging.

Technical Data and Specifications:-


  • Lift and tilt bin lifter
  • Lifts up to 250 kg safely (over 100 times per day)
  • Configured to suit 1500 or 1800 mm skip bins
  • Compatible with 80, 120, 140 and 240 litre wheelie bins
  • Manual adjustment required between varied bin sizes
  • Battery operated push button hydraulic system
  • Mobile rechargeable 12V operation with smart charger
  • Can lift over 100 times on one battery charge
  • Safety cage and door eliminates crush points
  • Simple push button operation
  • Made in Australia

Key Points:-

Lift and Tilt Bin lifter:-
Push button operated. with Battery Powered hydraulic system.
Lifts up to 250 kgs safely

Safety cage and door prevent hand and foot crush injuries, for operators and bystanders.

Suitable for Supermarkets, Retail Outlets and Waste Disposal facilities. 

  • Lifts and Tilts up to 100 times a day
  • Prevents risks of back and side strain.
  • Safe lifting capacity of 250kg
  • Lifts 80L, 120L, 140L and 240L bins (no adjustment required)
  • Suits 1100mm 1500mm 1800mm skip bins
  • Push button, battery powered hydraulic system
  • 12V rechargeable battery.
  • Safety cage and door protect operators and bystanders,
    hands and feet, from all crush injuries

**Top Point Height Clearance required 2900mm

Dimensions 1500mm Length x 980mm Width x 2200mm Height

Order Codes

Universal Bin Lifter for 1500mm skip bins UBL250-1500

 Universal Bin Lifter for 1800mm skip bins UBL250-1800


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