700kg Heavy Duty Self Lifting & Loading Full Electric Stacker Lifter

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700kg Heavy Duty Self Lifting & Loading Full Electric Stacker Lifter

Note:- Available on pre-order/Back order.Contact Us  for further details & quote on 1300 992 451 or email us on info@industrialsolution.com.au .


Smart forklift self loading stacker 700kg forklift smart portable self lifting Full electric pallet stacker .

Self-loader Forklift for Vans and Light Trucks

After loading the cargo, self-loader stacker climbs into the Vehicle itself. The space needed is the same as with a hand pallet truck. The unloading process is as easy as the loading.


With a vehicle and a self-loader, you can load, unload and deliver your cargo safely and efficiently to your client. Thanks to the fast operation you are able to make even more deliveries.


Ergonomic design and simple operation helps you avoid health and safety risks. It also reduces sick days due to strain. The self-loader is very easy and safe to operate.


Careful planning, superior standard parts and high-class manufacturing ensure reliable and durable products.
The self-loader is CE marked and it meets all international quality standards.


Advanced Self loading Pallet Stacker.

Semi or full powered Electric solution for your vehicle and delivery needs.

Self Propelled :- 100% no heavy duty work.

Self loading on to your Van.

portable use where ever you are.

one man delivery, save labour cost.

How to use:-

1, Step-1 :-Load the Pallet.

2,Step-2 :- Lift the Pallet to the Truck.

3, Step 3:-Push out The support leg.

4, Step 4:-Push In the Support Leg



Model   CDDS -700
Capacity Q(Kg) 700
Load center C(mm) 400
Type of lifting   Electric
Operating type   Walkie
Material   PU/Nylon
Wheel base y(mm) 860
Front wheel base b11(mm) 380
Back wheel base b10(mm) 670
Quantity Steering/Bearing/Balance   2002-2-6
Bearing wheel size mm Φ70×60
Steering wheel size mm Φ100×50
Balance wheel size mm Φ40×26
Training wheel size mm Φ30×26
Min.fork height mm 90
Max.fork height h3(mm) 1100
Fork outside width mm 535
Fork inside width mm 225
Fork length l2(mm) 1150
Single fork size e/s(mm) 155/60
Overall length L1(mm) 1600
Overall width b1(mm) 790
Overall height h1(mm) 1400
Whole height(after tape file shelf) h4(mm) 2700
Min.turning radius Wa(mm) 1100
Lifting speed(laden/unladen) mm/s 80/110
Lowering speed(laden/unladen) mm/s 80/80
Lift motor Kw 12V0.8
Battery capacity V/Ah 12/33
Battery weight Kg 10
Net weight  Kg 219