900Kg Fully Powered Electric Counterbalance Pallet Forklift Lifter

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900Kg Fully Powered  Electric Counterbalance Pallet Forklift Lifter


Fully powered counterbalance stacker , ideal for getting the unit close to racking or where space is at a premium. Load capacities range from 900kg, Lifting height: 3600mmBrand New, including battery and charger

Note:- Available on backorder only.


  • Without front legs, this stacker can get closer to racks
  • Build in single phase charger can be easier charged at normal wall plug
  • 2 x 100Ah maintenance free lead-acid battery
  • Walk behind operate no licence required
  • AC drive motor
  • Curtis 1212 control system
  • Adjustable driving speed switch
  • Ultra-small body with small turning radius, suitable for all kinds of small space operations
  • Net Weight: 1840kg
  • Lift Height:  3600 mm
  • Extender Mast Height: 4500 mm
  • Lowered Mast Height:  2040 mm
  • Fork size: 35/100/1150 mm
  • Adjustable Width of Forks: 220-720mm
  • Turning Radius: 1640 mm
  • Power Steering: YES
  • Wheel Type:  Polyurethane