900kg Rated OEASY A Frame Panel Cart with 150mm PP castors

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900kg Capacity OEASY A Frame Panel Cart with 150mm PP castors


Designed for transporting bulky plate-like items and difficult to-move items, such as doors, wood, stone slab, tabletop and wardrobes, etc.Moulded-in structure adds strength and durability and prolongs the service life.Textured surfaces for non-skid and safe transporting.Grooves close to edges help prevent small items against rolling out.Notches on both sides are for secure binding of items.Flexible fixing clip helps to prevent accidental release of the handle while allowing easy disassembly.The powder-coated steel handle is durable.

Data Sheet:-

Description HD Hybrid A-Frame Panel Truck Small
Dimensions 98.4cm x 61.0cm x 109.2cm
Load 900kg
Deck Size 91.4cm x 61.0cm
Wheel Type 150mm PP Castors