Beam Clamps Trolleys And Clamps

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Beam Clamps Trolleys And Clamps


Crane beam clamps are designed to work hand-in-hand with our chain and lever blocks.

Once again we have used our industry-leading galvanising finish which extends to the threads ensuring free movement well into the future.

Data Sheet :-

Rated Capacity (kg Working Load Limit) 1000kg 2000kg 3000kg 4000kg
I beam width range 70mm - 245mm 70mm - 245mm 70mm - 355mm 70mm - 355m
Dimension A 230mm 230mm 320mm 320mm
Dimension B 180mm - 335mm 180mm - 335mm 230mm - 455mm 230mm - 455mm
Dimension C 78mm 85mm 115mm 122mm
Dimension D (diameter) 20mm 20mm 24mm 30mm
Dimension E 220mm 220mm 265mm 265mm
Dimension F 130mm - 160mm 130mm - 160mm 190mm - 240mm 190mm - 240mm
Net Weight 4kg 5kg 9kg 11kg