Drum Palletiser Stacker Load Capacity 450kg

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Drum Palletiser Stacker Load Capacity 450kg


These drum Palletiser stacker are great for loading and unloading both plastic and steel drums onto palletsCan also be used to stack drums on top of another drum or to place on a truck or ute IS-TR5036 comes with a battery operated weighing scale which gives you accurate measurement of the drums weight

 Data Sheet :-

  • Load Capacity: 450kgs
  • Max Lift Height: 1100mm
  • Overall Height: 1870mm
  • Overall Width: 950mm
  • Overall Length: 1140mm
  • Leg Length: 500mm
  • Unit Weight: 135kg

Available Options:-

IS-TR5035 -Drum Palletiser Stacker

IS-TR5036- Drum Palletiser Stacker - with Load Scales