Heavy Duty Electric Material Lifter Trolley 250Kg

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Heavy Duty Electric Material Lifter Trolley 250Kg

Warranty:- 1 Year

Perfect for lifting and  Transporting heavy loads. 


  • The BD400 is a compact electric lifter ideal for vertical and overhead glazing.
  • BD400 can lift weights up to 250 kg to the height 3 metres; 200 kg to heights of 3 meters.
  • As with all , the BD400 folds for easy transportation and stowage.
  • The BD400 has accessory for counter-weights - making it ideal for vertical and overhead glazing work. Counter-weights ensure there are no front-facing legs to stabilise the unit.
  • BD 400 is a portable electric elevator universal for height adjustment heavy load safely.
  •  Its unique construction, lifting charge as close as possible to a wall is possible.
  • This is the lifting device suitable for all yards or workshops.
  • It is easily transported for a bet in immediate action.

Key Features:-

  • Brand new Electric Lifter with Max. load of 250Kg to 3 metres, 200kg to 4 metres.
  • Multiple configurations- Counter balancing legs for heavy installations, ability to be positioned directly adjacent to machinery
  • Legs for counter lever
  • Electric Motor - fast raising and lowering of mast
  • Aluminium mast - Strength and light weight
  • Folds and adjustable main legs - for easy transportation
  • Safety limiter - to stop any overloading of the mast
  • Height adjustable legs for use on un-esay grounds

 Industry Sectors:-

  • Primarily used in Glass and Glazing
  • Use alongside glass installation in the general Construction Industry

Key Safety Features:-

  • Limiter on mast
  • Emergency stop


Feature  Unit  BD400
Max. Loading capacity  kg 250, 200
Lifting Weight metres 4, 3
Machine Weight kg
100 kg + 92kg (counter weights)
77 x 58.5 x 122.5 
77 (103.6) x 123.6 
Basic Height  cm 122



Lifting Adapters

  • Jib Crane
  • Standard forks.
  • Glass Cradle
  • Wind Shield Jib

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