Low Profile Manual Pallet Jack Truck 2T Fork Width 685mm

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Low Profile Manual Pallet Jack Truck 2T Fork Width 685mm


This Low-Boy Hand Pallet Jack Trucks have tapered forks that are reinforced for strength. Lift This Low profile hand pallet truck often used in logistics, warehouses, factories, hospitals, schools, shopping malls, airports, stadiums, station, airport and other places requires lifting.

Designed for low profile skids, pallets or machinery, up to 51mm. Have large load capacity up to 2000kg. 

AC Type Cylinder adopted the integrated casting process and the overall seal design, with the high-quality imported components for key parts, the pump cant leak even when the seal for pressure cylinder breaks. All the piston rods are chrome plated, which makes them good enough in heat resistance and hardness. Unlike the scattered parts, the pump valve core with the overall design is convenient for maintenance. With the overload protection on the valve, the pump cant lift when overloaded.

Data Sheet:-

  • Capacity: 2000kg
  • Fork Length: 1150mm
  • Fork Width: 685mm
  • Min-Max Fork Height: 51-165mm
  • Cylinder Type : AC
  • Size of fork : 160x37 mm
  • Steering wheel : ø180x50 mm
  • Warranty: 1Year